As the proverbial ‘hello world’, I thought I would share a few links to some of my favourite online educational(ish) games. There are so many fantastic websites offering free educational games and new ones being discovered every day.

You will find more learning games at each of the sites, but I’ve chosen some of the ‘just for fun’ ones for now. They are great distractions when you need a 5 minute time-out!
Play responsibly: remember to look away from the screen often and give yourself a break every now and again.


Hooda Math is an incredible resource for educational games, hosting over 300 of them! With a huge variety of games you are sure to find something you like.

First bookmarked in 2010, Red Remover was one of my favourite action puzzle games. Developed along a similar theme, Red Remover evolved into Omit Orange among others.

Can you figure out how to remove the orange blocks? Be sure to watch out for the effects of gravity!

If you are attracted to games with a gravitational theme; you may be surprised to find how long you can spend trickling sand around a maze in Sand Trap. This must have one of the mellowest soundtracks I’ve heard on a game!

Can you trickle enough of the sand around the maze to fill the bucket?

Or why not have fun defying gravity as you race through the stages of Swing Monkey?

If you get tired of all of the action and you aren’t already exhausted from all of the puzzles, Tronix will really wind up the frustration factor!

Math Playground

Another superb website boasting a huge range of educational games; Math Playground doesn’t only host mathematical games! Search by age range, game type or focus skill. Icy Purple Head 2 is my latest favourite at the Math Playground. I have had lots of fun laughing at my own mistakes!

A simple idea that soon becomes surprisingly difficult! It’s just the Number Sequence, all you have to do is count in steps…

This one is for the drivers! In Draw the Hill the core educational value lies in the motor skills.

ict games

In addition to a compendium of excellent learning games, ictgames has an invaluable collection of teaching tools. The author, James, has compiled a splendid site of educational activites. Who doesn’t like a bit of Whack A Mole?

Soup up your car in your Custom Car Garage and practice money skills at the same time. Create your own custom sports car!


Another great source of learning games; Arcademics host games covering a range of topics, from spelling to fractions! As a maths teacher I can’t emphasise enough just how useful multiplication practice is. In Grand Prix Multiplication you can test your speed and accuracy in this multiplayer racing game.

If you like any of the games, please leave a review to help others use this learning resource. If you have a link you would like us to include or you are linked and wish to remove them, please email the Free Ed.

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